Saturday, April 5, 2014

Homeschool Update!

For the past couple of years we have being using MFW as our core curriculum. We have enjoyed it thus far, the teachers manual has been extremely helpful to me with all that we are juggling. In order to make things "easier" I used all the recommended material for english, spelling and math. For english primary language lessons was suggested, spelling is Rod and Staff, and math is Singapore. The primary focus with MFW is cultivating a Charlotte Mason approach. While I admire the Charlotte Mason approach I have found that it may not be the best fit for our family. This was a hard conclusion to come to but when you find that both yourself and child are frustrated things may need to change to better suit your family.

With this realization and relocating to a new state I have begun to contemplate what I would like our school year to look like next year. The potential state we are moving to is very open and flexible with homeschooling. With this in mind I have begun to consider our curriculum for next year. The biggest change I will be making is to piece together a curriculum versus using a boxed curriculum. In another post I will share more of what we plan to use. A couple of small changes we have made are switching math curriculum. When I was taught math a strong emphasis was placed on math facts utilizing tough math once those were memorized, we would then build upon those facts. I found using Singapore Math Pic Pic was not grasping the basic math facts with this realization we began to make some changes. Although we tried using flash cards for math facts this was often interpreted or we would just altogether leave it out. After some online searching I found a website with online flashcards. This has been such a handy tool so that she can practice while I tend to other matters. This is usually done during meal prep times. We have also switched to Horizons Math. Another change we made is to use only copy work versus dictation and narration.

One question I have for your homeschooling Mama's what do you using for language arts once your child is reading? My thoughts are to use explode the code, handwriting grammar (still researching), continue with rod and staff spelling, and schedule daily reading. I have also considered using pathway readers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also do you teach your children cursive handwriting?


  1. We were just having a discussion about cursive handwriting! Our girls are now 11 and 13 and rarely write in cursive, although we did it almost every day for a year. I was trying to think of something we could do to encourage that "art" as I noticed my 11 year old said she couldn't read something, because it was written in cursive! So sad. We will be working on that....

  2. thanks for your blog comment today! God bless you! If you are on Instagram, do friend me (but tell me who you are, as I only accept those I know), as I see that blogging is not your main medium. God bless you. It must be so busy with your children and priest-husband!

    1. actually you left the comment a few days back, I realize, just catching up with things here!

    2. Hi Elizabeth,
      I rarely blog these days. It's a bit to public for me. We are friends on Instagram (amlillie03). I have enjoyed your pictures. I love reading your blog and getting a peek into what you are reading.